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Women Loafers

The Twenties are all about the chunky loafer. It's an everyday essential that works as well with festive frocks as it does workwear. Whether you’re in the mood for formal Gucci-esque horsebit slip-ons or trendy high-street moccasins, you’re assured of the utmost comfort.

Loafers Are What Every Strip of Leather Wants to Be When It Grows Up

Trends in Women’s Loafers

Every supermodel and fashion mogul is donning the latest chunky loafer style these days. These lug-sole shoes add a preppy edge to any outfit. When paired with oversized jeans, they add a comfy finish that screams Parisian chic. When worn with mini-dresses and skirts, they achieve a wholly different aesthetic. This is prep in its purest form—robust, timeless, and full of class. The chunky loafer celebrates heritage and always feels dignified.

That doesn’t mean it has to be conservative, though. Bobbies has revitalised these trendy accessories with unexpected flourishes. A chunky crown or metallic dye provides a refreshing change so that you always feel unique. Each shoe is a trendy reminder of understated class. Modern women are bold, and their shoes should be equally audacious. If you’re smitten for flat shoes, the Bobbies collection will tempt you.

Suede and Leather For Men

The men’s loafer was once a casual solution to lazy Sundays, but it’s evolved into an iconic fashion statement. It’s equally appropriate for workwear and streetwear. The first designs were minimalist, but these days, the finer details matter. The classic loafer style often includes a fringe or crown. A traditional tassel works well with chinos and corduroy. If you need a more formal look, brogues will elevate your workwear. These robust designs have their history in the Scottish Highlands where quality and strength mattered more than aesthetics.

Bobbies shoes are designed by Parisians, so aesthetics are at the core of all we do. Even so, we place just as much emphasis on quality. For that reason, we create our collection in a traditional Portuguese workshop.

The Ethics and Timeless Style of Oxfords

Every time you invest in a new loafer style from Bobbies, you invest in an earth-friendly process. Our products are made from sustainable, and often recycled, materials. We source our leathers from neighboring countries to keep our carbon footprint small. We use hevea and recycled rubber for our soles, and our packaging is exclusively made from FSC-certified materials.

The Craftsmanship of Bobbies

Every shoe in our trendy collection is hewn by talented hands, not machines. We create our designs in France. The rest is up to the gifted shoemakers of Portugal. Each classy shoe goes through 200 micro-steps before it’s ready for packaging. We handpick the finest leather, then dye it with vegetable tannins. This creates a characteristic patina. Our shoes are offered in tannic oxblood, navy, black, and taupe.

Our shoemakers have learned from the generations that preceded them. Bobbies shoes are crafted according to authentic Portuguese tradition. We have leather experts who handle the cutting and master assemblers to create the perfect arch. Our men’s and ladies loafers are stitched by hand and quality-checked in great detail. We want you to wear our shoes for years, and our craftspeople know exactly how to make that happen. Your loafers are an everyday item, so they must withstand miles of walking. They should also turn heads. Our Parisian fashion sensibilities will make a statement that lasts as long as the shoes themselves.