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Knee High Boots

With their high upper and slim silhouette, women’s boots are a must-have for the fall-winter season. Desirable and comforting, they protect our legs from the cold while offering a sensual, assertive look. Developed in cognac, brown or black tones and different materials such as leather or suede, Bobbies boots follow fashion’s codes to offer you diverse looks from western styles to platform vintage boots in passing by chunky, thick-soled boots or even timeless riding boots.

Discover our new autumn-winter boot collection immediately.

Knee Boots: This Year's Most Coveted Accessories

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Knee boots are a fall must-have, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide them away when Old Man Winter leaves for Spring. Recent summer collections have revealed a healthy number of chunky lug soles and thigh-high stilettos. Boots and comfort go together like Bobbies and beauty, so let’s take a closer look.

Explore Your Options for Knee Boots Heels

Early Twenties designers have been doing exciting variations of classic heels. Couturiers all over the world have been reinventing them, and Bobbies has joined the fun. We’ll still bring you the stilettos and lug soles you adore, but we’ve also included trendy block heels and intricate wooden details. Our wide fit knee boots will give women a comfier fashion experience in any size. Set aside your lace-ups and explore disco-inspired footwear fashion. There’s a design for every taste. We’ve even included timeless riding designs for true vintage flair.

Fashion Trends for Over the Knee Boots

If you thought you’d seen the end of over the knee designs, think again. We’ve reinvented them as a sleeker, more sophisticated option to wear with preppy streetwear. Our thigh high boots fit snugly to the leg, so you can wear them with skirts of any length and size. If you’re in an audacious mood, these statement boots will show the world what you’re made of. Shoes should reflect your mood, so we have a pair for every day of the week. From lug soles and cowboy-inspired styles to pointy and square-toed products, you’ll have no trouble expressing yourself. Our shoes have a high upper for extra comfort.

Knee Boots Women’s Trends

Knee high boots have been a classic design ever since the Roaring Sixties. Like cuissardes, they adapt every year, but a few timeless shapes are always in fashion. Bobbies brings you all of the classics in black, brown, and cognac. Our suede selection harks back to the Disco era. They’re the perfect vintage winter shoes. We offer a range of heels in our collection, with stilettos as well as flat and lug soles for a more utilitarian aesthetic. If you’re taking a long Sunday walk or an easy hike, your Bobbies soles can take the extra strain. We might offer high fashion, but our products fall within an affordable price range. The result—you can enjoy more fashion for less.

Style and Workmanship Go Hand in Hand

Bobbies offers knee high boots for every outfit, occasion, and size. Our manufacturing process is every bit as admirable as our designs. We use family-owned shoemaking workshops that hand sew and shape every strip of leather. Parisian style melds with Portuguese shoemaking precision, providing designs that you can wear for years. Each style and size is crafted from hand-picked leather, which we dye with vegetable tannins. They’re nontoxic and sustainable just like our packaging.

Shoes with a Conscience

Bobbies is a socially conscious brand. We run a biannual charity sale to collect donations for vulnerable populations. PSE Pour un Sourire d’Enfant supports children in Madagascar, Cambodia, and Lebanon. We also use ethical CMT strategies. Our workshops are hygienic, supportive, and free of bonded labour.

Knee boots are having a moment in the fashion world, but compassion never goes out of style. That’s why Bobbies’ ethics touch everything we do, from our principled employment practices to our sustainable materials and tiny carbon footprint.