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Wedding Shoes

If the quest for the perfect dress comes first when preparing for a wedding, that of wedding shoes is close behind. Heeled pumps or sandals, we have everything you need !

Are you looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your special day? Look no further than Bobbies From elegant flats to glamorous stilettos, we offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Whether you’re seeking something classic, modern, or chic, you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes to complete your bridal look. Our wedding shoes are designed with comfort and quality in mind, so you can dance the night away without worrying about sore feet. We have something for everyone, so don’t wait any longer – come and find the perfect pair of wedding shoes today!

Find Wedding Shoes Gorgeous Enough to Justify that Dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, and it’s certainly the most romantic. You’ve gone to great pains to track down the perfect frock, and now it’s time to choose the accessories.

Bobbies puts as much love into our wedding shoes as you’ve into your marriage day. We define ourselves by the cheerful elegance so typical of Paris. Our wedding shoes designer duo injects French chic into every pair. If it’s style you’re searching for, Bobbies is the place to find it.

Wedding Shoes Block Heel Design

  Bobbies’ range of women’s bridal footwear is as iconic as it is luxurious. Our prices might be easy to afford, but our designs aren’t as easily-wrought. Every shoe goes through 200 hand-crafting stages before it’s ready to grace our shelves. Our designs might be French, but we rely on Portugal’s shoemaking heritage to take our manufacturing to new heights of excellence.   Despite our sophistication, we believe you should be comfortable on your special day, so our collection of original wedding shoes includes block heel designs to distribute your weight more evenly. You’ll be posing for photographs and dancing the night away, so comfort is a chief concern. We know exactly how to turn a bridal look into something truly spectacular. We keep a range of high wedding slingbacks, but we haven’t forgotten the more practical women among our clientele.  

Wedding Shoes for Bride Low Heel Collection

  Samba shoes have earned a reputation for providing exceptional comfort and style—so much so that brides are often advised to choose their shoes directly from dance boutiques. You needn’t look any further. The Bobbies collection includes a range of Samba and Paloma shoes perfect for your special day. Their low, wide heel and snug uppers support your foot beautifully. Never let your shoes chase you off the dance floor. Rather track down the perfect pair of bridal shoes.   We’ve included iridescent, shimmering hues to suit black tie events. If your dress is iridescent enough, our suede blush, nude, and party pink heels have enough design scope to suit any palette. When it comes to wedding shoes low heel designs aren’t always easy to track down, so we’ve made sure your romantic day will be every bit as beautiful as you’ve dreamed.    

Crafting Comfortable Wedding Shoes UK

 Portugal creates the kinds of shoes that are perfect for wedding party antics. Portugal’s footwear industry is steeped in tradition and heritage. This is where you’ll find some of the finest handmade shoes in the world, so it was only natural that Bobbies would choose it as the location for our shoemaking workshop.   We wanted our original wedding pumps to feel wonderful and last years. Perhaps more importantly, we wanted our workshop to be as near to our Parisian hub as possible to keep our carbon footprint responsibly small. We’re an ethical fashion label who ensures that every production stage is earth friendly. We rely on LWG-certified tanneries, vegetable dyes, and short circuit production. Our soles are crafted from recycled rubber, and our packaging is produced from FSC-certified wood—one of many reasons you’ll find us on the covers of the world’s top glossy magazines.  

Bobbies’ Parisian design hub places us right in the centre of the fashion industry. The rag trade has been an integral part of French culture and tradition since the late 17th century. We’re every bit as relevant today as we were back then, so you can always trust Bobbies to stay in touch with the latest trends. You deserve nothing less.