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Are you looking for robust, fashionable leather men's boots that can be worn in a variety of situations? Look no further than the excellent collection of boots produced by Bobbies, which includes Chukka boots, Chelsea boots and much more. Our boots are built to last, so you can wear them with full confidence, time after time.

Men Boots

Explore Bobbies' Fashionable Men's Leather Boots

Designs range from casual boots, which are ideal for wearing out and about, to smart boots that are perfect for wearing to work or more formal events. All of our boots are manufactured in traditional workshops in Portugal or Spain, while the styles retain the Parisian heritage that helps to define Bobbies as a fashion brand.

Stylish Chelsea, Chukka and Goodyear Welted Boots

Bobbies produces premium men's boots in a number of different styles, with examples including Chelsea boots, Chukka boots and Goodyear welted boots. Browse our extensive collection of shoes and you will find options that suit just about any situation you could find yourself in, including the most unpredictable weather conditions. We are passionate about producing high-quality boots that can be worn with pride. The variety we have to offer will ensure you can find boots that match different outfits and suit your own individual fashion sense. Whether you need boots for work, boots for a night out, boots for a specific activity, or boots for an event, Bobbies has you covered.

Men's Black Boots

The extensive range of men's boots in black from Bobbies includes Chelsea, Chukka and Goodyear welted options. Options span from all-black boots to black boots with brown soles, and from lace up shoes to slip-on boots.

Goodyear Welted Boots

Our Goodyear welted boots benefit from a highly specialised and traditional manufacturing process. The process itself is held in high esteem globally, in part because it prevents water penetration and allows boots to be resoled multiple times without causing damage to the rest of the shoe. These shoes also benefit from the use of quality materials.

Additional Options

Some of the other leather boot styles available from Bobbies include beige, brown, cognac and camel colours. You can find the ideal boots for your needs, regardless of whether you are looking for robust, sturdy, chunky boots, or something more form-fitting, lightweight and understated.

Our Commitment to Responsible, Sustainable Boots

At Bobbies, we will never compromise on the quality of our products, but we also believe our responsibilities extend further. This is why we strive to create high-quality boots for men while also living up to our wider brand values. In particular, we believe in behaving responsibly and making our manufacturing processes as ecological as possible. We prioritise sustainability, which is why we insist on only working with suppliers who are located within Europe. We also make sure our workshops and warehouses in Portugal and Spain are situated close to each other. This all results in a short production and distribution circuit, which allows us to keep our travel and carbon footprint to a minimum. Our teams use sustainable materials wherever possible. Examples include the sustainable, vegetable-tanned leather we use for men's boots, as well as the 70% recycled rubber we use for the soles. This commitment to sustainability also extends to our packaging, which is made from paper entirely derived from FSC-certified forests.