Our Association Support


Our Association Support

Bobbies is a united family that has been growing every year and our motto is: humanity comes first. It is important for us to share our values and good luck, this is why supporting charitable associations has been at the center of our concerns since the brand was created. Protecting children in danger, supporting populations in need ... the actions of our partners are focused on emergency situations.

Since 2019, Bobbies organizes two charity sales each year. The idea ? An online sale of models from past seasons from which all profits are donated to our partner associations.

With each sale, we have supported the associations Grandir Ailleurs and PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant that protect vulnerable children in Madagascar and Cambodia, Beit el Baraka that supports populations that have been impoverished and weakened by the Lebanese crisis and ACTED, a key player in the emergency response in Ukraine.

Over the years, 282,794 € has been donated to our partner associations.

Since October 2019, we have also been committed to the association A Tree for You by inviting clients to make a donation in support of tree-planting projects when they place their order. Bobbies then matches the amount of each donation collected.

As of this day we have donated 72,270 € meaning over 7,000 trees planted around the world.

Lean more about our partners and their actions

Grandir Ailleurs

Grandir Ailleurs develops programs to help street children in Madagascar.

Support & Protection

Disaffected street children are often orphans or come from violent homes. The association's challenge is to insure their fundamental rights: the right to protection and non-discrimation, the right to be fed, sheltered, cared for, educated and even the right to have leisure activities.


Besides projects to build and renovate schools, educative activites are set up in the most disadventaged neighborhoods in Madagascar plus children benefit from social aid to help them renew contacts with their families.


Each night the temporary housing shelter in Antsirabe welcomes children from ages 8 to 16 and each day the mobile assistance team does nighttime cruises to find, feed and offer children medical and psychological services.


PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant

The association's mission is to get children out of extreme misery and help them find a qualified trade by taking care of their needs and providing educational programs ranging from early childhood to professional training.

Access to education

Enrollment in public schools, remedial classes at the PSE's own school and welcoming children with handicaps: the association cares for over 6,500 students from extremely poor families.

Professional training

Thanks to excellent parterships and professional training focused on practical trades, every student will find a qualified job.

Food and care

The association sets up daily meals, personalized medical follow-up, a psychology unit and maternel and child health services.

Protection and lodging

Many special programs were created to guarantee the security of the children most exposed to danger: boarding schools, foster families and summer camps.

Support for families

Distribution of rice, sewing workshops, short trainings in various trades: the association undertakes actions to let families be more autonomous and have a better quality of life.


Beit el Baraka

Beit el Baraka is a charity association based in Lebanon whose mission is to help Lebanese retirees and children with financial difficulties.

Committed to guaranteeing the values of respect, support and dignity, this organization offers four services:

  • Healthy diet
  • Decent livelihood
  • Medical services
  • Education

Since August 4, 2020, this NGO has renovated over 3,000 damaged lodgings and supported populations who have been impoverished and weakened by the economic, financial and health crises that have hit the country. The association is strongly involved in supporting education, today it pays the tuition of 32,000 students whose parents cannot afford it.



A major player in the emergency response in Ukraine and present on the ground since 2015 to support victims of the Donbass conflict, ACTED has set up support operations for 300,000 people affected by the conflict since February 2022.

Support for people in war zones

ACTED supplies first aid to 13 million people blocked in besieged or partially-besieged zones: distributing hot means, drinking water, non-food products, hygiene kits, products for babies ... and transfers cash to zones with functioning markets.

Support for displaced people within Ukrain's borders

7.2 million people have been displaced in Ukraine, mostly women, children and the elderly with nofinancial resources. ACTED helps them by transferring cash, providing services in shelters and also workds with local authorities to reinforce their ability to plan and manage evacuations.

Support for people who have taken refuge in neighboring countries

5.1 million people fleeing the conflict have taken refuge in neighboring countries. ACTED helps manage shelters and transport services for refugees from when they cross the Ukrainian border to when they arrive at the shelters, distributes meals and facilitates access to water, hygiene and saniation operations.


A Tree for You

Since 2017, A Tree for You promotes trees in all territories to preserve and improve our environment, develop employment and quality of life but also to encourage social links by transmitting a living, sustrainable, symbolic heritage.

It lets individuals and companies support planting projects in France and elsewhere around the world. A Tree for You chooses its projects with the help of a selection committee made up of experts and it workds in the field with experienced planting partners.

Since October 2019, we have been committed to the association by inviting our clients to make a donation to the tree-planting projects when they place their order. Bobbies matches the amount of each donation collected.

As of this day we have donated 72,270 € meaning over 7,000 trees planted around the world.


Thank you for your ever-increasing donations !