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A responsible approach for a sustainable fashion

A short circuit
to limit our carbon footprint

Our method of working relies on short-circuit production and our materials only come from local or nearby suppliers to limit greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. Since our logistical center is integrated in our own factory in Portugal, our Portuguese partners need only travel a few kilometers to make their deliveries. We then deliver directly to all our retailers by truck to avoid transitting through a hub in France so we can thus reduce the environmental impact even more for transporting our products.


Donations for

By committing ourselves to the A Tree for You association, we invite our clients to support reforestation projects everywhere in the world by making a donation when they place an order. We match the amount of each donation received.

With complete transparency, the A Tree for You association links donors and tree-planting projects around the globe.

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Our boxes, packing cartons and tissue paper are made in paper from FSC-certified, sustainably- managed forests. This highly demanding system guarantees the legality of growing and using the trees, the absence of any link to deforestation, sustainable management and the conservation of biodiversity.


a natural material

Leather is a by-product of the food industry so reusing animal skins helps avoid waste. We work with tanneries who get their skins from French, English and Italian suppliers who assure that they respect excellent farming conditions.


Our leathers are exclusively selected in certified LWG (Leather Working Group) tanneries in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. This certification guarantees a respect of European regulatory standards and the practice of advanced treatment methods in terms of the environment.


Some of the leathers used for our leathergoods are vegetable-tanned and we try to develop this natural procedure even more. By using tannins that are present in bark, leaves, pits or even sap, this ethical, sustainable tanning method respects the environment, assures that the leathers are supple and sturdy and offer colors that are deep and nuanced.


To make our rubber soles, we work with the supplier Bolflex who, for over 20 years, has made a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. In the last few years, it has reduced by half the waste created when producing shoe soles thanks to the development of innovative, high-performing rubber injection machines and it also uses recycled rubber. Thus today our soles are made 70% of recycled rubber and 30% of natural hevea.