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Espadrille Wedges

Discover Bobbies new espadrilles wedges for women from Spring/Summer collection, for a comfy and preppy summer look! Looking for the perfect espadrilles to complete your summer look? Look no further than our selection of stylish women's wedge espadrilles. Our espadrilles are the perfect combination of style and comfort, with a unique wedge heel that adds extra height to your look. Our selection of colors and styles will ensure you find the perfect pair of shoes to match any outfit. Shop now and enjoy the perfect summer shoe.

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Espadrille Wedges: A Summer Fashion Necessity

Jazz Up Your Wardrobe with Espadrille Wedges

Vogue called espadrille wedges “the only shoe you need for summer." They’ll add charisma to the season without punishing your delicate feet. This Spanish shoe is perfect for drinking Sangria on the beach, so throw on a floaty dress and prepare for a stylish day.

Espadrille Styles

Espadrilles have their roots in the south of Spain where ropes and basketry were core artisanal skills. Their name is derived from the esparto grass that was once used to craft their heels. These days, many espadrille sandals are made from jute, but esparto remains a key part of the design. These days, you’ll see them on celebrities like Kate Middleton and Krysten Ritter. They’ve been a star favorite since the Seventies. Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly adored flatform espadrilles with A-line skirts. They deserve a shelf in your wardrobe, too.

An Achievement in Design for Women

Espadrilles are typically constructed from rope and fabric, often with a soft strap. Their fabric uppers make them breathable in sweltering weather. Their soft straps won’t cut into your skin like leather, so you can finally wave goodbye to blisters. High-heeled versions usually have a wedge design. This results in even weight distribution across the entire foot instead of just the ball. They’ll have you standing longer with far less agony. You’ll love the comfort of their esparto rope sole.

The Bobbies collection celebrates a floaty, beachside aesthetic in fabric and leather uppers. Fabric brings a particularly fun sense of freedom to the shoe. You can wear them in navy, pink, and any colour in between. You can opt for polka dots, stripes, or African Shweshwe. This is the perfect product for carefree days. No other heel can achieve espadrilles’ cheerful elegance.

Shop for Summer Fashion with Bobbies

Bobbies puts care and love into every pair of shoes it creates. Our materials are manufactured according to our precise specifications, taking custom design to an entirely new level. Even Bobbies hardware is custom-built and hand-polished. Each shoe begins its life on the design floor of our Parisian headquarters. Once our couturiers have added their sense of style, their designs move onto our Portugal shoemakers. Our traditional workshop works on every stitch by hand.

Bobbies leather is hand-selected and gorgeously tanned. Every upper is carefully selected and cut. Each detail is put in place by a master craftsperson, so you can trust in the exceptional quality of every shoe. Our ancient shoemaking methods celebrate perfectionism and passion, so our artisanal manufacturing process can take months to complete. We create comfort for feet of any size, whether you need a narrow or wide fit. We also offer it at a decidedly affordable price.

Earth-Friendly Espadrilles for Women

Bobbies takes ethics as seriously as it does style. We handpick waste-free leather and tan it with nontoxic vegetable tannins. We make sure our manufacturing addresses are close together to reduce our carbon footprint. Ethics should infuse every component of design, so we use recycled rubber for our soles and earth-friendly, sustainable materials for our packaging. That means you can wear our fashion without guilt. Our shoes meet general human rights standards in keeping with child labour prohibitions and bonded labour laws.

It takes 200 steps to create just one pair of Bobbies espadrilles. They pass from cutters and sewers to painters and quality control officers. Each individual worker is a specialist of their craft. As a slow fashion brand, we’re deeply committed to absolute perfection. That’s why our products last a lifetime.