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Sandals & Espadrilles

You can count on the style and the quality of our leather espadrilles, made in Portugal.

The first espadrille sandals were worn in 13th-century France. Yves Saint Laurent popularised the wedge in the Disco era, and now Bobbies is perfecting it. Espadrilles for women meld comfort with style, so it’s unsurprising that they’re historically linked to the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Discover Bobbies new espadrilles sandals for men

Unpacking the Espadrille Design

Classic espadrilles were first designed with rough-and-ready esparto grass. These days, jute has taken its place, but no pair is alike. When the shoe has a high heel, it’s usually a wedge. That makes them a welcome solution to stiletto pain. With your weight distributed across the full heel, the ball of your foot can finally get the rest it needs. The traditional soft strap adds to your comfort, so this is the perfect weekend shoe. While their uppers are typically crafted from canvas or cotton, weaves and leather also proliferate. Fabric uppers can accommodate more colours, achieving a cheerful, nonchalant look.

Espadrille Sandals Closed Toe

The classic design has a flat, woven heel and a fabric upper that covers the foot from heel to arch. They’re soft and flexible, so they can beat the comfort of your summer thongs with the utmost ease. There’s no leather strap to contend with, so you can slip out of them easily for walks on the beach. Designers are always developing a new approach to these uppers. You’ll find felt, fleece, sweater knits, and recycled cotton.

Men’s Espadrille Sandals

Espadrilles are a mandatory part of men’s summer fashions. They’re light and breathable, so they’ll wick moisture away from your skin. They’re a sophisticated alternative to thongs, but don’t relegate them to the house alone. They’ll add a relaxed aesthetic to suits and a nautical style to jeans. If Idris Elba loves them, so can you.

These shoes add a slightly disheveled look to smart-casual outfits, and that’s the point. Counterintuitively, however, they have a way of upscaling shorts and linen shirts.

Multi Strap Espadrille Wide

A shoe doesn't need fabric uppers to qualify as an espadrille. Wide crossover espadrille and multi-strap designs often feature strappy or even leather uppers. This design isn’t as timeless as the classic shoe, but it trends reliably every few years. Women who like extra height, but not the pain that comes with it, love the results of the high heel or low wedge. Bobbies’ collection includes wide, comfortable espadrilles for women, so you’ll forget you’re even wearing shoes.

Ladies Espadrille Sandals

Esparto rope sole products are no longer the disposable shoes they once were. They’re often handmade with an impressive level of artisanal skill. They’re a classic part of the design. They’ve also become a frequent addition to haute couture. Bobbies knows your wedges are investment items, so we make them to last. Our Parisian designers give them that famous French sophistication. Then our skilled shoemakers in Portugal handcraft each shoe individually.

Combining Style with Substance

Espadrilles are flexible in all senses of the word. Their rope and rubber soles bend easily with your foot. Their laid-back aesthetic suits almost any outfit. They’re the perfect slip-ons for traveling, barbecuing, and errands. They have a robust sole that can tolerate dog walks. You can even wear a rubber-soled sneaker version with foot padding for easy hikes and long outings.

Espadrilles are an icon of Bobbies’ earth-friendly ethics. Their sustainable soles and uppers will shrink your carbon footprint. Their dyes and tannins are eco-friendly. Their soles are 70% recyclable, so you can finally be stylish and have a clear conscience.