A passionate design office and experienced shoemakers and leatherhoods manufacturers with hundred-year-old skills result in the daily production of handcrafted marvels.

Our Workshops

Authenticity, a sense of detail and a know-how transmitted from generation to generation. For over 10 years, we have been working hand-in-hand with family workshops that function on a human scale to manufacture all our pieces. Our shoes are made in Portugal in our São João da Madeira workshops, located in a region known for its leather craftsmanship and skills. Our leather goods are made in a traditional Spanish workshop that has specialized in leathergoods for over 50 years.

Each workshop is chosen for its specific skills: the technicity of sneakers with Strobel construction, the expertise of a perfect curve in our heels or the mastery of a welt construction to give our shoes an unequaled suppleness.

From assembling to seams, from cutting to modeling, the entire production process is hand-done by highly qualified craftsmen who use unique techniques.



Our leathers come exclusively from well-known LWG certified European tanneries in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. This Leather Working Group certification assures a responsible, energy-saving production that respects European regulatory standards and practices advanced methods to help protect the environment.

Each tannery, which specializes in one type of leather, has been chosen for the quality, sturdiness, suppleness and vividness of their skins whether they are smooth, lamé, patent, in nubuck or in calf suede.

All the smooth leathers used in our leathergoods have been vegetable tanned. This natural, ethical procedure uses tannins found in plants, respects the environment, guarantees supple, sturdy leathers and reveals deep, nuanced variations over time.

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We pay attention to manufacturing our shoe boxes as well and do not use plastic in our packaging, only paper from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests.

Our objective: fight deforestation and preserve biodiversity while offering our clients a satisfying experience when they open our packagings. This is also the reason why we propose that clients can make a donation to the A Tree for You association with each order for which we double the amount.

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