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Discover our leather work-cases, made in Portugal: stylish, good-quality briefcases, satchels and computer cases.

Discover the perfect accessory for the modern man with our selection of stylish and practical men's bags. Our bags are designed to meet the needs of the modern man, offering a variety of sizes and styles to suit your lifestyle. From weekend getaways to the office, our bags provide the perfect storage solutions with their spacious interiors, offering plenty of room for your laptop, documents and personal items. Our bags are perfect for the urban explorer, offering a blend of style and practicality that is perfect for any adventure. Crafted from high-quality materials, our bags are built to last, offering protection and comfort wherever your journey takes you. Whether you're looking for a stylish weekend bag or a practical work bag, our selection of men's bags is sure to have something for you. Shop now and explore the perfect bag for your lifestyle.


Looking for a stylish, quality briefcase for work or for more casual use? Explore the full collection of briefcases available from Bobbies. Our most sophisticated briefcases are ideal for any white collar professional, regardless of whether you are an accountant, lawyer, businessperson, teacher, or IT professional. In addition, we produce more casual laptop briefcase options, which are great for everyday use, like keeping your most valuable belongings safe while you travel.

Find Your Ideal Briefcase Bag From Bobbies

Here at Bobbies, we offer a range of briefcases, holdalls, travel bags and similar products for men and women. These accessories are expertly crafted from high quality leather and are perfect for carrying books, important documents, or your laptop. The variety on offer also ensures you get precisely the briefcase you are looking for.

Briefcase Brown Leather

Our brown leather briefcase accessories are fashionable and benefit from the rich design heritage associated with Bobbies as a brand. These cases are ideal for use in and out of the workplace. High quality zippers make it easy to access your belongings and the leather is designed to develop an aesthetically pleasing patina over time.

Briefcase Black Leather

If you are looking for a slightly more understated briefcase, which will be ideal for the office, the boardroom, or for other professional settings, a black leather briefcase could be the perfect choice. These leather bags have a timeless appeal and can also be the best option if you want a more discreet briefcase.

Additional Colour Options

For buyers looking for a briefcase that stands out from the more traditional designs, Bobbies offers a number of trendy, modern briefcase options in colours like Sorrento grey, Scottish green, navy blue, abyss blue and patinated navy. These colour choices are especially great if you are seeking a more casual laptop briefcase or holdall.

Bobbies - A World-Class Briefcase Designer

Our collections of briefcases and holdalls benefit from exquisite design features, effortlessly combining style and functionality, without making sacrifices in either area. This means you can rest assured your briefcase will look great, feel comfortable to carry, hold your items securely and provide protection for your possessions.

High Quality Leather

All of our briefcases are crafted from quality, Italian leather and benefit from immaculate attention to detail during the manufacturing process. The leather itself is vegetable tanned, which is an ethical and sustainable approach, using naturally-occurring tannins. The result is a visually pleasant leather finish, with some natural roughness. Crucially, the process is much more environmentally-friendly than the main alternatives.

Inside the Briefcase

Bobbies' briefcases feature multiple compartments and zipped pockets, allowing items to be separated easily. The lining inside our briefcases and holdalls is also made from excellent materials, including cotton twill lining. This helps to provide protection for valuable possessions like your laptop and prevents scratches and scrapes.

Other Key Features

Some of the other key features found on Bobbies' briefcases include protection studs on the bottom of the case, allowing it to be put down without damaging the items inside; an embossed logo on the exterior, serving as a seal of quality; and robust, reliable zippers. Many of our briefcases also come with straps for optional over-the-shoulder wear.

Crafted in Workshops in Portugal

Bobbies' briefcases are expertly crafted in traditional workshops in Portugal. We utilise small-scale workshops, where items can be manufactured with the necessary care and attention to detail. All of our items retain the signature panache and assertive Parisian style associated with the Bobbies name and logo.

Our approach to manufacturing has helped to provide customers with access to high-end, luxury fashion at affordable prices. Our briefcases vary from vintage-inspired bags, to more contemporary options, but all benefit from quality leather and a minimalist approach to design, serving as an example of understated sophistication.

We know that briefcases, more than many other accessories, need to be functional as well as stylish. This is why our cases are designed with multiple compartments, which are deep enough to fit everyday items, including documents, laptops, folders, diaries and books. A Bobbies briefcase can also make for a useful and fashionable gift for a loved one.

Bobbies - Our Priorities and Commitments

At Bobbies, our number one focus is on the quality of our products and the long-term satisfaction of our customers. This is why we strive to manufacture fashionable, luxury briefcases and other accessories, from the best materials, for lasting durability. At the same time, we offer free returns worldwide, free delivery on all orders over £200, and customer support across multiple channels, including telephone, email and WhatsApp.

We also passionately believe that our responsibilities extend further, which is why we operate with sustainability at the very heart of our processes. All of our suppliers are based close-by within Europe and our workshops and logistical warehouses are also geographically close, allowing us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

The leather used in our briefcases and other products is vegetable-tanned, ethical and sustainable. We source FSC certified paper for our packaging, which we also keep to a minimum. Bobbies is a proud supporter of the Tree for You campaign, which plants trees across the globe, helping to offset emissions and protect our planet.