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Laptop Sleeves

Check Out High-Quality Laptop Sleeves From Bobbies

Laptop sleeves rank among the very best investments people make. Chances are, your laptop is one of the most valuable items you use on a day-to-day basis. It is also a portable device, meaning you might carry it while commuting between your home, your school or workplace, your favourite coffee shop, your local library, or the homes of your friends and family.

While moving your laptop from place to place, you want to protect it and make sure it is convenient to carry, but you also want it to be safe to transport in your car too. This is where a good laptop case or cover comes in.

If you are seeking a fashionable, high-quality laptop cover or bag, look no further than this collection of leather laptop sleeves from Bobbies. Stylish, sophisticated and made from premium materials, our laptop bags look great, deliver excellent protection from the elements and will shield your laptop from scratches and superficial damage.

Leather Laptop Sleeves in Different Styles and Sizes

Buyers want a combination of style, simplicity and function, and Bobbies is the brand that delivers. Our range of laptop sleeves are perfect for MacBooks and other PC laptops, but can also be used for a tablet or notebook too. These cases can be held or worn with a shoulder strap and they have plenty of compartments to hold your accessories.

Our customers can choose from Silver, Cappuccino, Nougatine, Celedón, Cuban Boa, Powder Blush, Cheverny or Foam laptop case designs, meaning you will be able to select the laptop sleeve that most suits your personal sense of style. All of these bags are crafted from high-quality leather and allow you to benefit from affordable, luxury fashion.

Laptop Sleeve 13 Inch

A 13 inch laptop sleeve is the perfect option for many laptops on the market, including the MacBook Air 13", MacBook Pro 13", Google Pixelbook Go and almost any other modern 13" laptop. This size will also be suitable for many tablets and notebook devices, including the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

Laptop Sleeve 14 Inch

A 14 inch laptop sleeve from Bobbies will provide protection for some of the most popular laptops around, with examples including the MacBook Pro 14", the Alienware x14 R1 and almost any other modern 14" laptop.

Laptop Sleeve 15 Inch

If you have a 15" laptop, you will want to browse our 15" laptop bags. These fit a number of popular models on the market, such as the MacBook Air 15", the MacBook Pro 15", the Acer Aspire 5 15" and almost any other modern 15" laptop.

Laptop Sleeve 16 Inch

A 16 inch laptop sleeve from Bobbies will provide stylish protection for your computer or tablet, with a fashionable, slim design. These cases are great for the MacBook Pro 16", the Dell Inspiron 16" and almost any other modern 16" laptop.

Making Excellent Leather Laptop Cases Responsibly

Here at Bobbies, we are serious about our responsibilities and we believe these go beyond providing great luxury fashion items at an affordable price point. We strive to make products that are in-keeping with our broader aims of being environmentally responsible and minimising our carbon footprint.

This is why we insist on working only with suppliers who are located geographically close to us within Europe. Travel is also kept to a minimum thanks to our workshops and warehouses being close to one another. When it comes to our laptop case materials, we use sustainable leather and hand craft all of our products in Spain or Portugal.

All of our items are sent out in packaging that is made from FSC-certified materials. We are also proud supporters of the 'A Tree for You' association. Not only do we invite our customers to make an optional donation when they make a purchase, we also double each donation to help plant new trees all around the world.