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Loafers Mules

Loafer mules are more than just a fashion choice. They’re an investment you’ll draw value from for years. There’s a reason they pop up in every couture collection. They add a suave edge to any outfit

Loafer Mules for Modern-day Fashionistas

Loafers are the great transformers of the fashion industry. They can be casual or formal, trendy or traditional. In all of their forms, however, they’re always exceptional. They capture a casual mood gorgeously, but the right pair can lend formality. Bobbies brings you all the latest looks.

Loafer Mules Womens Shoes

Flat loafer mules became a women’s classic in the Seventies. In those days, they were the icon of the Ivy League set, but the decades that have followed have transformed them into a classic. In the Disco Era, fashionistas wore them with blazers, checks, and slouchy trousers, but these days, they’re an office-wear favourite. Modern leather mule loafers can be elevated by embellishments, tassels, and broguing. Few other shoes can offer as much comfort and support, so if your heels are wearing you down, explore Bobbies’ exceptional collection of mules. We’ve styled them in every size and colour the fashion season demands.

Women’s Accessories Trends with Bobbies

This season’s Bobbies loafers come in classic and trendy designs alike. Choose sophisticated suede for the office or spicy leopard print for the weekend. Metallic flourishes add an extra level of formality to cocktail attire and weekend outings. Backless loafers and clear mules allow you to take off those sandals on hot summer days. If you’re looking for a winter aesthetic, however, our chunky lug sole loafer collection will keep your feet cosy.

Woven Mule Loafers for Men

When you’re strolling around at a Sunday barbecue or engaged in some weekend boating, there are no shoes quite as relaxed as leather loafer mules. There are tassels, weaves, laces, and monk straps to add character to every pair. Each embellishment brings something new to your aesthetic, so why not collect them all? Every Bobbies mule and penny loafer is hand-crafted by the finest shoemakers in Portugal. The nation has earned its reputation as a leather-working capital. Our workshop professionals craft every sole and upper by hand, using techniques that have withstood the test of time.

The collection is offered in vinyl, suede, and leather finishes in brown, camel, and black. We use natural tannin dyes to add depth and durability to each strip of leather. Each shoe’s creation occurs within a tiny carbon footprint thanks to our eco-friendly values. Our crafters pay careful attention to every detail. Their skills have been passed down from generation to generation to ensure that your shoes last for years.

Earth-Friendly Design

At Bobbies, we pride ourselves on our sustainable design process. We use a short-circuit production chain to reduce our environmental impact during transportation. We’re also committed to A Tree for You, a social impact enterprise that supports planting projects throughout the world. All our clients have the opportunity to make their own donations, so we’ve managed to plant more than 10,000 trees to date. We’re equally committed to social change. We participate in The Armenian Hayastan Fund, which is restoring housing after a devastating earthquake.

The Bobbies brand might have grown into an empire, but we’re still a growing family that puts people before profits. That trendy pair of mules might elevate your outfit, but they also elevate underserved communities and the environment. Fashion can, and should, create change, and we’re making sure it achieves exactly that.