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Platform Loafers

Platform loafers have made it into all the major glossy magazines this year, from Cosmo to Elle and Vogue. It’s time to bring this winter fashion staple back to life. Your comfort should always come first, after all.

Platform Loafers: A Chic Approach to Footwear Fashion

Heels have become the focal point for footwear fashion. There’s nothing comfier than a pair of chunky loafers and, fortunately, lug heels are relevant again. Every style icon should own a pair. Lug-soled loafers combine the aesthetic elements of boots and moccasins. A chunky leather shoe is the perfect accompaniment to a preppy suit or maxi dress.

Platform Loafers All Women Need in Their Closets

Loafers are fashion essentials, no matter the height of their heel or the simplicity of their uppers. This year, they’re taking on a lug aesthetic. A leather platform gives your shoes a balanced silhouette, but you’ll appreciate them more for their comfort. They’re one of the most versatile shoe options in your wardrobe, blending well with workwear and cozy winter frocks alike. The Bobbies range includes camel, brown, and black platform loafers in any size and hue. Designs in black leather with a metallic accent hark back to Noughties chic. Whatever the variation, Bobbies brings quality and exceptional workmanship to this classic style.

Comfortable Platform Loafers

Loafers are a lifetime investment, so they should retain their rich patina for years. That’s why every pair of Bobbies lug heeled loafers is handcrafted by some of the finest shoemakers in Portugal. Every Bobbies outsole and lining is as stylish as it is well-made. It undergoes over 200 manufacturing micro-steps. Even our black patent leather options are crafted from the finest hand-selected leather, then coloured with a rich tannin dye. The collection, as always, is designed in Paris—the very epicentre of global fashion, and you don’t have to be a model to look spectacular in them.

Eco-Chic Platform Heels

Every square cm of rubber in the Bobbies collection is crafted from 70% recycled materials. This is one of many ways we keep our collection eco-friendly. We’re advocates for the planet, so we stand for responsible, sustainable production. Year after year, we meet our own social and ecological commitments. We use a short circuit production line to shrink our carbon footprints. Our shoemakers, designers, warehouses, and raw material sources are all within a few kilometres from one another. This way, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We handle our deliveries by truck so we don’t overload any central city hubs. We reduce our environmental impact further through our commitment to A Tree for You—a reforestation enterprise that runs tree-planting schemes all over the world.

Social Commitments for Fashion

Bobbies supports people, not just the planet. We donate to the Armenian Hayastan Fund, which is rehabilitating schools and infrastructure after an earthquake. We also support The Blouses Roses. This social brand supports hospitalised and handicapped patients in care establishments. Our ethics extend to our own employees too, of course. We use ethical employment practices, so you can always wear Bobbies fashions with a clear conscience.

Lug Soles Are for Life

No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of lug soles. We offer them in booties, loafers, and block heels alike. You’ll never run out of inspiration for your next great look. Each pair of loafers is hand-crafted in a specialised Portuguese workshop. Our shoemakers understand that the tiniest details matter. That’s why we’ve maintained this sophisticated production line for over a decade.