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The first women’s mules trace back to Ancient Rome, yet they’re still turning heads today. Bobbies includes them in every seasonal collection because there’s no comfier way to walk through an office. Shop our exquisite range today. 

Women’s Mules With Heels

The Bobbies collection includes slides in both a sandal and slipper design. You’ll find everything from wedge black mule styles to block heeled mules. In winter, we stock slides in every heel height you can imagine. Our classic black and taupe suede closed toe mules are perfect for the office, adding sophistication to a summer or winter suit. When the sun is high and it’s too hot for espadrilles, a pair of woven slippers will keep you cool. Bobbies keeps the palette vibrant to suit the holiday mood. Each year, our two Parisian designers inject French sophistication into the range.

Mule Sandals Flat: The Creation Process 

With Bobbies, every pair of ladies mule sandals with heel goes through over 200 steps, from the initial design in Paris to the hand-crafting of each piece of leather. Our high heels reflect the joyous sophistication that's so typical of French design. Our goal? To create luxurious fashion that you can afford. We use ethical, family-owned workshops in Portugal. We’ve chosen this country for its strong shoemaking heritage and refined approach to leather. Nobody can produce fancy stitching with the finesse of a Portuguese shoemaker. We’ll make sure your shoes are just the right size and shape to provide the utmost comfort. Your feet deserve nothing less.

Ethical Fashion in Leather Mules Women’s Shoes

Ever since we launched Bobbies in 2010, we’ve focused on an ethical manufacturing process. We’ve kept our European suppliers within close quarters to shrink our carbon footprint. We only use leathers from LWG-certified tanneries and rely on natural tannins as dyes. This gives Bobbies mules their characteristic organic hue.

Our earth-friendly approach leaks into every aspect of manufacture. We hand-select each swath of leather and craft each sole from 70% recycled rubber. We even package our shoes in FSC-certified forests and ask our clients to donate to A Tree for You with every purchase. We match every donation, so every leather item we create combats the effects of deforestation. We also run a biannual sale, the proceeds of which go to vulnerable populations. We support charities all over the world, from France and Madagascar to Cambodia and Lebanon. We think fashion should make a difference, so we’re doing exactly that. 

Crafting the Perfect Shoe

Handmade shoes offer unparalleled comfort. Gifted artisans use traditional techniques that they learned from the generations that preceded them. No assembly line can achieve the precision of a beautifully-hewn mule. Hand crafted fashion is more than a mere luxury. It’s an investment in your comfort. Treated well, your shoes will serve you for a lifetime, offering unmatched durability.

Paris has been the heart of the fashion industry for centuries. It has some of the world’s finest designers in its history. Bobbies shoes might be made in Portugal, but they’re designed right here in Paris because nobody handles style quite like the French.