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Lace Up Boots

Lace up boots are an essential addition to your wardrobe, as they can be paired with a huge number of outfits, while being practical to wear in most situations. They are also a great example of footwear that can be used all year round and many pairs of lace up boots are especially valuable in the colder autumn and winter months.

Lace Up Boots

The Bobbies collection of lace up boots includes a variety of styles, colour choices, heel heights and material options. We place a strong emphasis on combining quality, comfort and fashion, using excellent materials. As a result, you can acquire the ideal boots for your needs and wear them with confidence day after day.

Lace Up Boots Women's Collection

Our full range of ladies boots with laces allows for an adjustable fit, while providing the sense of style that can take your look to the next level. The lace up boots from Bobbies serve as a great alternative to slip-on or zip-up styles and are created in accordance with the brand's Parisian design heritage and minimalist sophistication.

Lace Up Ankle Boots

Lace up ankle boots are the perfect wardrobe item for those colder months, providing warmth, protection and stability, while still allowing you to look your best. Ankle boots from Bobbies can be easily paired with tights, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, skirts or dresses and can also be matched to your bag, jacket or with other accessories.

Lace Up Boots With Heel

Lace up boots with a heel are an excellent purchase for situations where you want to accentuate the length of your legs, enhance your height, or add a sense of glamour to your outfit. The lace up element can provide a snug fit, which can be more appropriate for autumn and winter than zip-up styles, or slip-on shoes.

Lace Up Boots Leather

Leather lace up boots are a great option for winter, because they offer great protection against rain and snow, while providing much-needed warmth. Lace up model options from Bobbies are available in vintage leather or lambskin leather, with several colours to choose from, including Deep Black, Irish Coffee, Tartufo and Terre Brune.

Lace Up Boots Suede

Lace up boots made from suede leather are perfect for a trendy, casual look across all seasons. The material is flexible and soft, which means these boots are an especially great option if you want to prioritise comfort. With colours like Khaki Brown, Mohair Taupe, Antelope and Squirrel, there are plenty of options to match your wardrobe.

Balancing Quality and Sustainability

At Bobbies, we manufacture products in traditional workshops, using traditional techniques. We also work exclusively with nearby European suppliers and our logistical warehouse and workshops are located close to one another. This helps to keep travel to a minimum, which serves to limit our CO2 emissions.

Our choice of materials also balances the need for quality with our focus on environmental responsibility. We use ethical, vegetable-tanned leather for our lace up boots and other leather products. Leathers are selected from LWG-certified tanneries. Meanwhile, when rubber is used for the soles, this rubber is 70% recycled.

We have also taken steps to keep packaging to a minimum and the packaging we do use is paper-based and sourced from forests that have been certified by the FSC. All of these steps combine to allow us to live up to our commitment to create high-quality, luxury fashion that is affordable, while being produced in a way that is sustainable.