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Flat Boots

Nobody achieves elegance quite as confidently as the Parisians. The City of Love has been famous for its style ever since Louis XIV’s reign, so it’s only natural that Bobbies’ collection would exude Parisian style. Our flat boots for women are conceived in France and crafted in our traditional Portuguese workshop. This way, we can meld Paris sophistication with Portuguese workmanship. It’s no longer enough for fashion to be beautiful. It must be ethical, too, so we rely on eco-friendly manufacturing methods and durable, earth-friendly materials. 

Comfortable Flat Boots for Women

A United Fashion House

Shoemaking is a skill that’s passed down from generation to generation. That’s why our flat ankle boots for women are crafted in traditional family-owned workshops. Every flourish and finish on our low boots is achieved with the utmost precision, offering years of comfort. Our shoe architect designs custom leather boots that truly last. Then our leather pros get to work. They hand-cut every swathe of leather before our stitchers hammer and sew everything together. Our master assembler then uses heat to achieve comfortable malleability. Finally, our shoe doctors check that every shoe is a shining example of perfection. They add comfort insoles and catch the tiniest flaws. One pair of Bobbies Chelsea boots goes through 200 manufacturing steps. Perfection lies in the finer details, after all.  

Crafting Women's Flat Ankle Boots the Ethical Way

Bobbies is profoundly committed to the planet. Our manufacturing process and materials live up to a tight set of ethics. Durable waterproof walking boots require fewer resources, so we see our quality as an integral part of our eco-friendliness. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by sourcing materials and workers locally. Our Portugal team delivers our flat boots for women from a nearby hub a few kilometres away. Our packaging is crafted from FSC-certified products to counter the destruction of deforestation. We reuse animal skins from the food industry, so women can feel confident in the sustainability of their shoes. We use Leather Working Group-certified (LWG) tanneries. That means we’ve passed a comprehensive ethics audit of every component of our supply chain. Bobbies boots come with a clear conscience.  

It’s All About the Tannins

We preserve and tan our shoes with vegetable tannins that are kind to the planet. This way, each pair of women's flat boots has a strong, nuanced palette. Natural tannins bind to the collagen in leather, making them more comfortable and water-resistant. You’ll never need to walk in your low boots. Their toes and heels will be pliant the moment you take them out of the box. We make our soles from a blend of eco-friendly recycled rubber and natural hevea. Rubber has the grip required to carry you safely over treacherous surfaces. It’s resistant to oil and water, allowing you to puddle jump without getting wet.  

Parisian Style

Bobbies blends old-school inspiration with contemporary flair. We’re known for reinventing traditional designs. Our intense black leathers lend a sense of sophistication to any outfit. Our palette also includes laid-back browns and taupes that become more beautiful with every day of wear. Your iconic ankle boot will develop a subtle patina that you’ll fall in love with winter after winter. Flat boots are the mainstay of a casual wardrobe. Our range includes chunky combat boots, bohemian chelsea boots, and cheeky Western styles. Your feet deserve a comfortable, trendy aesthetic, and that’s precisely what we provide. Whether you’re looking for a snappy square toe or a classic round one, you’ll find options in suede, patent leather, and classic napper. Now let’s find your size!