For the past 3 years, Bobbies has organized a charity outlet each season to help associations it feels strongly about.

All the profits from the Winter 2019 and 2020 editions were given to the Grandir Ailleurs association that protects vulnerable children in Madagascar.

During the Summer 2020 and 2021 editions, the PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant association benefitted from this donation

For this season’s edition, your purchases will support actions set up by Grandir Ailleurs and the Beit el Baraka NGO in Lebanon. Each association will receive 50% of the charity outlet’s profits.

The actions of Grandir Ailleurs

Access to culture, medical and educational services, housing and social support, building of school infrastructures: Grandir Ailleurs develops programs to help children living on the street in Madagascar.

Care & protection

Children who live on the street are totally disaffected and are often orphans or abused by their families. The association’s challenge is to assure their fundamental rights : the right to protection and non-discrimination, the right to be fed, housed, cared for, educated and even to have leisure activities.


Besides projects to construct and renovate schools, education activities are set up in Madagascar’s most underprivileged neighborhoods and the children benefit from social support to help them re-establish ties with their families.


Each night, the temporary housing center in Antsirabe welcomes children from 8 to 16 years old and a mobile aid team goes out nightly to find and feed children and offer them medical and psychological services.


The actions of Beit el Baraka

Beit el Baraka is a charitable association based in Lebanon whose mission is to help retirees and Lebanese children with great financial difficulties

Committed to assuring the values of respect, support and dignity, the organization offers four services :

  • A healthy diet
  • A correct means of subsistence
  • Medical services
  • Education

Since August 4th, 2020, this NGO has renovated over 3,000 damaged dwellings and aided people who have been deprived and fragilized by the economic, financial and health crises that have affected the country. Very much implicated in supporting education, the association today pays the school fees for 32,000 students whose parents cannot afford to pay.