For the last 4 years, Bobbies has organized a charity sale every season to help associations that are dear to our heart. 100% of the sale's profits are given to the association in question.


Over the years, we have supported the Grandir Ailleurs and PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant associations that protect vulnerable children in Madagascar and Cambodia as well as Beit el Baraka that aids populations which have been deprived and weakened by the Lebanese crisis.

During the Summer 2020 and 2021 editions, the PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant association benefitted from this donation

For this edition, thanks to your purchases, you will support actions set up in Ukraine by ACTED and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Discover the association's actions below.

The actions of ACTED

Since 1993, ACTED has been present over 20 million vulnerable people around the world.

As France's second-largest NGO for international solidarity and as one of the 15 largest NGOs worldwide, ACTED runs emergency, rehabilitation and development projects in 42 of the world's most vulnerable countries that have been affected by war, catastrophes or socio-economic crises. As an independent, private, non-profit organization, ACTED maintains a strict political and religious impartiality.

ACTED envisions a Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty world: Zero Exclusion since no one should be left behind; Zero Carbon since we only have one planet; Zero Poverty since poverty should not prevent anyone from realizing their potential.


ACTED's actions in Ukraine

Support for people in war zones

For the 13 million people blocked in besieged or partially-besieged zones, the shortage of essential goods quickly became a central problem. ACTED provides first aid supplies (distributing hot meals, drinking water, non-food products, hygiene kits, products for babies …) and transfers cash to zones with functioning markets.

Support for displaced people within Ukraine's borders

7.2 million people have been displaced in Ukraine, mostly women, children or older people with no financial resources. ACTED helps them by transferring money, coordinating and setting up services in shelters (to distribute hot meals, material goods, equipment, do repairs…). ACTED also works with local authorities to reinforce their ability to meet emergency situations, while planning and overseeing evacuations.

Support for people who have taken refuge in neighboring countries

5.1 million people who fled the war in Ukraine are now refugees in neighboring countries. ACTED helps manage refugee shelters and transport services for refugees from when they cross the Ukrainian border to when they arrive at a shelter, help distribute meals and facilitate access to water, hygiene and sanitation operations.