For the past 5 years, Bobbies has organized a charity sale each season to help associations close to our heart.
100% of the profits from the sale are donated to the association that we have selected.


Over the years, we have supported the Grandir Ailleurs and PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant associations that protect vulnerable children in Madagascar and Cambodia, Beit el Baraka, that supports poor, vulnerable populations in Lebanon, ACTED, a key player in the emergency response in Ukraine, as well as the Armenian Fund of France.
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For this edition, thanks to your purchases, you will support the actions set up by Les Blouses Roses and Toutes à l'École and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Discover below the actions of these two associations in more detail.


The actions of Blouses Roses

For 79 years, the Blouses Roses association has been working with hospitalized people, children, adults and the handicapped as well as with elderly people in retirement homes.

Present in 347 cities, the association’s 4,500 volunteers entertain, comfort, listen and bring joy during the daily routines of health care and solitude by offering fun, creative activities. In both hospitals and retirement homes, The Pink Lab Coat (Blouse Rose) has become synonymous with joy and liveliness for the sick and the elderly. Our mission: bring lightness, far from the illness and loneliness so prevalent in these establishments.

Recognized for its public interest since 1967, the association is known and respected for the seriousness and quality of its interventions in the care institutions where it is present. The donations collected, thanks to your support, will be used to buy the equipment we need for our interventions, recruit new volunteers or even train them.


The actions of Toutes à l’École

The mission of the Toutes à l'école association, founded by journalist Tina Kieffer in 2005, is to save the poorest girls in Cambodia through education so that they grow up to become free and educated women, able to defend themselves against becoming prostitutes and build a more just, humane world that is also more respectful of our planet.

Each year, 100 new girls from the poorest families, aged 5 to 6, join the Happy Chandara campus in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They will have the opportunity to pursue a high level of education in nursery school, primary, secondary and high school that is taught in Khmer, English and French.

The association's action continues with the young graduates who pursue their studies, they are housed in two Chandara Students' Homes in Phnom Penh where they can build an autonomous adult life in a secure environment.

The Happy Chandara campus also has a medical and social center, two boarding schools, a permaculture center and also supports the girls’ families.
Discover more about the campus in a video