Each season for the past 4 years, Bobbies has organized a charity sale that benefits associations close to its heart.
100% of the sale's benefits are given to the association concerned.


Over the years, we have supported the Grandir Ailleurs and PSE - Pour un Sourire d'Enfant associations that protect vulnerable children in Madagascar and Cambodia, Beit el Baraka that supports populations deprived and weakened by the Lebanese crisis as well as ACTED, a key player in the response to the urgent situation in Ukraine.

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For this edition, thanks to your purchases, you support actions set up by the Fonds Arménien de France and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Discover, below, in detail, the actions of this association.

Actions of the Fonds Arménien de France

Created in 1993, the goal of the Fonds Arménien de France is to build and renovate the infrastructures that are essential for socio-economic development in Armenia and Karabakh and also help their populations in distress.

The Armenian Fund projects are overseen by local companies that also, in this way, help create jobs. Fonds Armenien de France is a joint, nonpolitical humanitarian association.

The sheer number of its members and contributors (approximately 20,000 families and professionals in France) show that it represents the Armenian Diaspora in France.


Building or renovating

electrical networks, water pipes, drilling roads, building bridges, constructing social housing, schools and hospitals, etc.


donations to give food pensions to the over 8000 Armenian and Karabakhian children who were orphaned by the war.


local populations, developing agricultural programs, training professionals, organizing educational and health projects



In the beginning, it was necessary to meet the most pressing needs. Thus, the Armenian Hayastan Fund actively participated in the construction and rehabilitation of lodging, schools, hospitals and ingrastructures all over Armenia, especially in the northern regions of Shirak and Lori that were damaged by the December 7, 1988 earthquake.

In contrast with Armenia (an independent State recognized internationally), Karabakh does not benefit from an international aid fund. However, the war has not spared any village or city there. Elsewhere during Soviet domination, Azerbadjan left Karabakh in a total state of under-development, without even a road linking it to Armenia.

When the war ended in May 1994, the Armenian Hayastan Fund decided to put 2/3 of its investments in this region to help it heal its wounds and develop.