Jean-Bobby invites you into his sanctuary to discover all his secrets...

Take the lift to different floors to find out more about his joyful shoe creations!

A bright and colourful universe

Bobbies emerged from a Pelican's shell in 2010, under the initiative of two young Paris-based designers: Antoine Bolze and Alexis Maugey. As their first collection of moccasins enjoyed great success, the range grew to incorporate boots, derbies and trainers, as well as other beautifully crafted footwear designed for men and women alike.

Combining enchantment and fantasy, this heart-warming story of friendship is marked by the wonderful adventures of Jean-Bobby, the Pelican with a French twist!

Inspired in Paris

Each year, inspired by Parisian charm and their invigorating adventures around the world, Antoine and Alexis create original collections in their Paris-based design studio.

From timeless footwear to flawlessly original and fashion forward detailing, Bobbies never fail to create head-turning designs. Experimenting with textures, reviving classic designs and incorporating eye-popping colours, each collection is fiercely unique!

Authentic techniques

The epitome of quality and authenticity, every pair of Bobbies shoes is produced using traditional methods and artisanal techniques. Each design is the result of a labour of love, painstakingly crafted and hand-stitched in our Portuguese workshops. From logo embroidery to stitching and assembly, every detail counts.

Discover the secrets of our craftsmanship by watching our behind-the-scenes video.

Jean-Bobby's shop

While Bobbies creations evolve throughout the seasons, they always maintain their unique feel. From new retail points to international development, Jean-Bobby’s daily schedule is always jam-packed!

  • > 2013, Jean-Bobby made a nest in his very first shop on 1 rue des Blancs Manteaux on the Right Bank of the River Seine in Paris.
  • > 2017 new nest on 79 rue Vieille du Temple also located along Paris’ Right Bank.
  • > 2018 : In March, he unveiled a corner at Printemps Haussmann dedicated exclusively to female footwear, while May will see the opening of two new boutiques on Rue du Cherche Midi in Paris and in the Grand Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon.

Infused with French style, Bobbies creations are currently on sale in over 400 shops and departments stores in over 40 countries across the world. For a list of our stockists, click here

​Jean-Bobby's playlist

Great music lover, Jean-Bobby The magnificent flies from concerts with friends to parties on the dance floor!

Swing to the rhythm of Jean Bobby's playlist!
Jean-Bobby’s cosy nest, or the perfect place for dreaming up his latest shoes.
Welcome to the enchanted world of Jean-Bobby! Go through the window to learn more…
Is there a chimney sweep down below?
Want to travel the world with Jean-Bobby the adventurer?
Jean-Bobby hopes that the chimney sweep has gone…
Smile, the little pelican is coming out!
A webbed marriage is a happy marriage!
Jean-Bobby is the undisputed king of the pelicans
A gentleman is never without his trademark umbrella! Jean-Bobby is not a wet pelican...
Full speed!
Jean-Bobby has 2 loves: his shoes and Paris!
Jean-Bobby, king of the hammer!
High-tech equipment for a passionate stylist!
Want to challenge Jean-Bobby to a game of Tic Tac Toe?
Don’t forget to use a good quality shoetree to maintain the shape of your shoes!
Jean-Bobby sometimes finds inspiration in coffee…
Whoops... Missed!
Bright colours for magical shoes!
A moccasin caught in the act of running away!
We can’t make shoes without spinning bobbins…
Destination Portugal, to see Jean-Bobby’s workshop and discover his artisanal manufacturing methods!
This machine has stitched 36824 moccasins!
Yes, Jean-Bobby uses a hammer to nail the soles to the shoe uppers!
Sorted leather, selected by Jean-Bobby himself!
Do you recognise those famous orange boxes?
Do you prefer moccasins or derbies? Both, sir!
Enter Jean-Bobby’s den and discover his joyful shoes!
1 rue des Blancs Manteaux: Jean-Bobby’s Parisian head quarters!
Why Bobbies? Because they sound so good!
Nothing beats a beautiful Parisian lamp for kissing his lady pelican by moonlight…
Did we mention you have rhythm in your blood?
Please blow out the candles before leaving the rehearsal room!
A little concert? Fly over the instruments to warm things up!
Jean-Bobby steps up the pressure…
Another top notch shoe!
Pointes and entrechats for delicate derbies!