To make her joyful shoes, Bobbies team uses a variety of colourful leatherware, carefully selected in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Discover below all the secrets of our precious materials!
The used smooth leather is calf or cow skin, tanned in different ways according to the desired result. It can be lightly patinated like our Cognac leather, or have a vintage effect, like our Brun des Andes leather. This material is extremely hazard-resistant and has a long lifespan.
It is equally used for our traditional cuts as well as for the eccentric models. Its classic appearance blends perfectly with other materials for bolder creations.
The grained leather is smooth leather that has gone through the embossing process: it is pressed between two relief metal plates that give it a grained look. It can be more or less fine depending on the desired result. It gives the leather lots of character as well as an original and elegant style. This type of leather is very popular on loafers.
The suede leather, commonly known as "suede", is actually the underside of the animal skin, the flesh side. In addition to a very nice colour rendering, its suppleness and velvety feel make it a particularly pleasant leather to wear. This leather can also be found with the names “velvet leather” or “turned leather”. From now on, no more doubts !
The nubuck is a classic leather that has been finely sanded to perfection, in order to achieve an especially soft and velvety touch. Very pigmented, it reflects perfectly the most intense colours, such as blues, reds and even blacks. It is as hard as leather and particularly appreciated for its solidity and shine.
The lamé leather is supple, shiny and bright. It is the perfect alternative to patent leather and sequin. This aesthetic and resistant leather is manufactured according to a precise process which allows to give the leather manufactured in such way a metallic and glossy look.
Very trendy patent leather gives the shoes creativity and shine. This is a very feminine smooth leather, to which a thin layer of varnish is added in the last stages of tanning. It does miracles on derbies, stilettos and ballerinas !
The cousin of patent leather, the mirrored leather is obtained by following the same process: a layer giving the “mirror” effect is applied on the skin at the end of the tanning process. The original and trendy mirrored leather gives a twist to any look just by its iridescent reflections !
The fabric is used on our shoes to give them lightness and comfort. Additionally, the use of fabric enables us to play with prints and give some vitality to certain models. It is chosen in Italy for each collection and used particularly in summer.
The starry suede is a magical leather at its finest. It is simply a suede leather on which a film with tiny stars has been applied. Its fine sequins, often golden, give a glittering and feminine touch to the shoes while remaining more discreet than the glitter itself.
As an iconic material of Bobbies, the sequin is perfect to give a real Cinderella-look !
It is used in small strokes or on the whole shoe in order to ensure a festive look. It can be found both on our stilettos as well as on our La Romancière line. The sequins are chosen in Spain for their brilliance and wonderful colours.