Our know-how Manufacturing secrets
Passionate stylists, seasoned shoemakers and leather goods manufacturers and a century of know-how dedicated to fashion each day craft jewelry.
Design Season after season, our team of stylists imagines inspiring collections from our Parisian studio. The cuts favour clean lines with shapely curves and details that make all the difference. Volumes are designed with daily use and complete freedom in mind. Carefully selected, the leathers are velvety, cracked, grainy or faded and feature intense colours and graphic prints to beautify the look.
Leathers Selected from LWG-certified European tanneries, our leathers come exclusively from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The Leather Working Group certification ensures a responsible and more energy-efficient production, compliance with European regulatory standards and the implementation of advanced environmental methods. Each tannery specializes in a type of leather and is chosen for the quality, strength, suppleness and radiance of its leatherware, whether smooth, lamé, coated, nubuck or in suede calfskin. All of our smooth leathers used for leather goods are vegetable-tanned.
More than 100 meticulous manual operations are needed to produce a pair of shoes.
Our Workshops We work hand-in-hand with family-owned workshops every day to develop the most perfect and comfortable models with the finest finishes. Each workshop is selected for its own specific traditional know-how: the variety of the steps needed to create a studded moccasin, the technicality of a Strobel-made sneaker, the expertise of the perfect arch of our heels or even the mastery of the upside down assembly that offers unrivalled suppleness to our ballerinas and slippers.
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The Shoes
An ancestral know-how All the operations necessary to manufacture the shoes are carried out in Portugal in our São João da Madeira factories South of Porto, a region that is famous worldwide for its know-how in the footwear industry. From assembly to seams, embroidery to stitching, the entire production process is carried out by hand by our highly skilled craftsmen, using a unique technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.
Specific assembly Each type of shoe requires a precise assembly, stitching and know-how. For long-term verifiable robustness, welding is preferred for women’s models. For men, the Blake stitch, simple and sturdy, delivers supple, fine-shaped shoes. As the epitome of high-end assembly, the Goodyear stitch is used in our line of dress shoes, while guaranteeing unfailing solidity.
Tough soles Our leather soles are handmade and designed to prevent any form of premature wear. Cut with a template cutter, they are designed with a welt for enhanced water protection and resistance. A rubber sole is injected for an extended life and optimal grip. The final touch: the logo and the size are hot stamped.
Leather goods
Noble work of leather Coming from renowned European tanneries, the noble leathers used to develop our leather goods line guarantee the durability, aesthetics and subtleness to the touch. All smooth leathers worked are vegetable-tanned. Using tannins found in plants, this natural and ethical process respects the environment, ensures the softness and solidity of the leathers and reveals over time deep and nuanced variances.
Smart volumes and a sense of detail Always in search of the ideal volume and perfect finishes, our stylists design the most desirable formats thanks to a thorough prototyping work. The most successful drawings follow their destiny in the hands of our leather craftsmen, in the heart of a small traditional workshop in Portugal. Our designers shape this beautiful story by following our customers’ desires and adapting to their daily lives so that they may offer them day after day new craft jewelry made to last.
A beautiful box We take great care in the making of our beautiful boxes. No plastic is used in our packaging, only paper from sustainably managed, FSC-certified forests. Our goal: to fight deforestation and preserve biodiversity while offering you a great experience with our packaging thanks to an elegant design, well-protected items and vibrant colors which will change with each season.