Responsible approach for sustainable fashion
For almost 10 years, a trust-based relationship has been developed between the Parisian team and the Portuguese craftsmen who dedicate their skills to the brand. Each of the workshops is family-owned, not overly developed, protects its employees and enhances their daily well-being. We share the same vision: to create responsible quality products.
100% handmade in Portugal Bobbies creates its designs in Paris and manufactures all its creations in traditional workshops located in Portugal, using 100% European materials (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany). Located in São João da Madeira, South of Porto, these workshops develop a unique know-how, passed down from generation to generation for over 50 years.
Short production circuit to reduce the carbon footprint Our mode of operation is based on a short production circuit and our materials come only from local or neighbouring suppliers to lower the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Because our logistics centre is based in São João da Madeira, our factories only have a few kilometers to go to carry out their deliveries. All our distributors then receive their deliveries by truck, which negates any transit through a hub located in France, therefore reducing the environmental impact generated by the transport of our products.
Reforestation Donations By committing to the A Tree For You association, we are encouraging our customers to support reforestation projects all over the world by making a donation when they order. We will match every sum that is donated.
The A Tree For You association connects donor with tree planting projects all around the world with total transparency.
These projects are selected by a scientific committee made up of experts recognised for their environmental and community work. With A Tree For You, each donation is tracked and monitored over time and donors are kept informed of how the project is progressing for 3 to 5 years, to ensure its sustainability.
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Green packaging We do not use any plastic material in our packaging. Our boxes, shipping cartons and tissue papers are made of paper from sustainably managed, FSC-certified forests. This demanding system guarantees the legality of the exploitation, the absence of any link with deforestation, sustainable management and biodiversity conservation.
Responsible European manufacturing offering quality and sustainable creations.
Leather, a natural material The leather comes from the food industry. Using recovered hides helps avoid waste. The tanneries we collaborate with source from French, English and Italian suppliers who ensure that excellent breeding conditions are met.
Certified tanneries Our leathers are selected exclusively in European tanneries that are LWG certified (Leather Working Group) or in the process of being certified: in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. This certification ensures compliance with European regulatory standards and the implementation of advanced environmental methods
Vegetable tanning All of our smooth leathers used in leather goods are vegetable-tanned as we seek to develop this natural method. Using tannins found in tree bark, leaves, seeds or plant sap, this ethical and sustainable tanning method respects the environment, ensures the subtleness and solidity of leathers and reveals deep nuanced hues.
Recycled rubber To create our rubber soles, we have been working with our supplier Bolflex, which has made strong commitments for over 20 years to reduce its environmental footprint. In just a few years, it has reduced 50% of the waste generated by the manufacturing of soles through the development of more innovative and efficient rubber injection machines and it has introduced the use of recycled rubber. Our soles are now composed of 70% recycled rubber and 30% natural rubber.
100% Made in Portugal, ethical materials, traditional know-how and a trust-based relationship with our workshops, a sort production circuit reducing the environmental footprint, eco-friendly packaging and a unique style: that’s the Bobbies adventure!