Our Shoecare Advices


The studded rubber soles of our loafers have been an iconic element of our collections for over 10 years. This delicate sole must be looked after carefully. To do this, alternate wearing them with other shoes and avoid wearing them in rough environments that might cause the studs to wear out.

Leather soles

Some models have a leather sole that should be cared for as much as the rest of the shoe. For this, after brushing them, use a nourishing lotion to clean and give a new life to both the sole and the welt. If the thread used to attach the welt has gotten damp, let the shoes dry away from a heat source and then apply a nourishing lotion. This will help protect and nourish the thread so it doesn’t break.

Plastic films

Some shoes, such as our ankle boots, sandals and pumps, have a leather sole that requires special care which is why we protect the sole with a film. This means that when you first receive your items, the soles will be in a perfect state without any marks that have been caused by shipping or when they’ve been tried on by other customers. Once you’re sure you want to keep your shoes, remove the plastic film before you wear them. The film, indicated by small white arrows, covers the entire sole (for flat shoes) or beginning at the arch (for high-heeled shoes).


If you don’t have wooden shoe trees, we suggest stuffing the shoes with either tissue paper or another neutral paper. Do not use newspaper! The ink may come off on the leather when it is damp. We suggest that you use Bobbies’ own care products or products suggested by your shoemaker. Some care products sold in retail stores may contain ingredients that may fade or damage the leather of your shoes …