I keep my Bobbies in... Leather & Embossed Leather
To maintain your Leather & Embossed Leather's articles, follow the steps below :
Before using Leather, Embossed Leather or Vintage Leather items for the first time, apply to protect them against rain and stains! Shake and apply the spray evenly at a distance of 20cm from the surface and leave to dry for several hours before wear. Apply the spray regularly for long lasting protection.
01 Dust off Dust them off vigorously using a Horsehair Brush
02 Prepare Remove the laces if you’re caring for shoes.
03 Nourish Use a Nourishing Milk to clean and nourish leather. Shake the bottle before applying a small amount of milk to the leather. Apply it using circular movements using a chamois cloth to help it soak in before leaving to dry for 15 minutes. The leather has now been cared for. If you would like to protect and restore the shine of your leather, follow the steps below (steps 3 and 4)
04 Shine When caring for Polished or Embossed Leather, it is preferable to use Polish the same colour as your items, or failing this, Colourless Polish. For Greased or Vintage Leather, use Colourless Grease. Apply the Polish or Grease using circular movements before leaving to dry for 15 minutes. Use a Horsehair Brush to buff the leather and create shine.