Designed in Paris, handmade in Portugal, Jean-Bobby's enchanting shoes require over a hundred manual operations before landing in their pretty orange nest. We reveal everything about their different production stages!
The design of the collections is divided into two seasons: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Every year, our Parisian style agency creates shoes that are always increasingly original, sparkling, comfortable and innovative. Supported by their team of designers, Alexis Maugey and Antoine Bolze, the two Bobbies creators, are committed to renewing their collections while remaining deeply attached to the brand's DNA: slim and refined cuts and a multitude of vibrant colours on wonderful leathers.
The magic of Paris has inspired them for 7 years and encourages their shoes to become more and more audacious: pumps, boots with heels and lined boots have recently become favourites among the latest Bobbies ranges. Their permanent collection, on the other hand, gives pride of place to the moccasins with coloured picots from season to season.
Bobbies leathers are carefully selected from the best Italian, Spanish and Portuguese tanneries. Their source depends on the know-how of each tannery: deer and leaved leathers come mainly from Italy, famous for its beautiful velvety skins, and the nubuck is selected in Portugal from an exceptional tanner. Bobbies works with the Italian tannery Conceria Zabri whose leather is obtained in full compliance with environmental standards.
The quality of the leathers depends above all on excellent breeding conditions, ensured day after day by our suppliers. The selected skins are tanned for several weeks to be transformed into leather. Our tanners sort the leathers thus obtained with the greatest attention, identifying any defects. The leather is then long hydrated until it becomes particularly soft and resistant. The level of stiffness is controlled throughout the process, to avoid any discomfort. Finally, it is sanded by our expert to perfect its grain. This manufacturing process allows the leather to acquire a patina over time and therefore to embellish your shoes naturally.
All the steps necessary for the making of the shoes are carried out in Portugal in our factories of São João da Madeira near Porto. A region renowned worldwide for its know-how with shoes!
For men, our artisans achieve several types of sewing: the Blake stitch, used for our usual premium range, and the Goodyear stitch, used for our boot line. For women, soldering is preferred for long-term verifiable resistance.
The Blake stitch makes it possible to obtain more supple shoes and in the fine forms dear to the heart of Jean-Bobby. It’s a simple but robust stitch! The Goodyear stitch is more complex but highly appreciated for its elegance and often used for costume shoes. It is a very strong and resistant stitch, requiring remarkable know-how. This stitch is made using engraving with a small stitch seam finished on the wheel. It offers the possibility to have your shoes resoled as many times as you wish. Combined with our newly patented leathers, it will withstand all your follies!
The manufacture of flexible and resistant soles requires the mastery of craftsmanship. The leather used for the soles, called croupon, must be thick enough to prevent any form of premature wear. It differs distinctly from the leather used for the shoe upper, although it also comes from calf leather.
Our Portuguese craftsman Silva cuts out the leather slabs of the size of each model using a cookie shape to turn them into soles. He then carves grooves to sew the sole to the shoes, and adds a welt. It offers an aesthetic touch and additional protection to the shoe, especially in terms of water resistance. The logo and the size are then hot stamped under the sole. This slow and meticulous process ensures optimum quality for Bobbies shoes.
For his heels, Jean-Bobby favours the semi-heel rubber injected to guarantee a perfect grip on the ground. He also uses on some models injected rubber pads to extend the life of your shoes.